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  1. with all the engine problems you are having I would throw it over board and buy a big oar. The centaur is a small boat that I have sailedwith a friend and he has no engine and uses an oar. I admire your sence of adventure in this mucked up world. Its nice to see someone living the adventure instead of reading other peoples. I hope you have a load of be safe, be happy and enjoy. Best wishes Pete Gallienne aboard my COlvic Watson 32 in Morlaix France

  2. Hey Pete,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I wish the world was full of people with your outlook, maybe we would have more people living and less people as you say, reading about it. May our paths cross one day and the cups run over. We're giving this another one over since it is the original, but the thought has crossed my mind, to at least switch to an outboard.

  3. Hi Brandon, a friend of mine believes he sees your boat aground at the Ortega River in Jacksonville, Fl. We tracked you down via Google with the boat name (Marilo) and because he knows a Westerly when he sees one. If you see this and want more info, let me know.

    1. Jane,

      Hey. It seems the holding in the area is not as good as we had hoped. We have re-positioned and re-anchored. We are going to buy some helix anchors to secure it better for this next storm season.