Initial Investment

    I've read that financial threads/posts are taboo.  I also have read you aren't suppose to believe everything you read, especially on today's "Idiot-Web".  That being said; I would like to have a layout of our initial investment going in to our finishing prepping stages.  To best explain the idea I have created a spreadsheet to better explain.  This shows our initial budget of 30,000 dollars, and includes our expenses to every detail.

Total Budget $30.000

Expense Amount Paid % budget
Initial Purchase $16.693,06 55,64%

Boat Purchase (+ Launch) $13.792,60

Boat Survey $470,00 $470,00 1,57%

Sailing Education $472,58 $472,58 1,58%

FCC License $160,00 $160,00

Boat Registration $133,00 $133,00

Findmespot Year Registration $162,93 $162,93

Life Raft $194,94 $194,94

Dingy $383,40 $383,40

Storage in Porto 6 Months $923,61 $923,61

Boat Recovery $960,03 3,20%

Plane $528,93 $528,93

Fuel $252,58 $252,58

Food $178,52 $178,52

Other - (Taxi, Slip, Mooring)

Boat Improvements $2.535,47 8,45%

Solar panel $134,22 $134,22 0,45%

Portable Anchor Light $30,00 $30,00 0,10%

Charge Controller $275,00 $275,00 0,92%

Wind Turbine $634,84 $634,84 2,12%

Turbine Tower $198,00 $198,00 0,66%

Circuit Breaker $8,85 $8,85 0,03%

Tablet + Case $148,36 $148,36 0,18%

Spot $90,82 $90,82 0,30%

Midland CB-Radio $63,68 $63,68 0,21%

Flash Light + Binoculars $37,56 $37,56 0,13%

CB Antenna $30,34 $30,34 0,10%

TV Mount $16,74 $16,74 0,06%

3 Pc Waterproof Dry Bags $7,48 $7,48 0,02%

Shoreline Marine Bow Bi-Color Light Clamp-On $17,00 $17,00 0,06%

Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum $6,13 $6,13 0,02%

Ring Terminals - 4 Pack $3,95 $3,95 0,01%

Waterproof Wallet $5,07 $5,07 0,02%

Press-On Vinyl Letters $11,19 $11,19 0,04%

Garmin Carabiner clip $15,70 $15,70 0,05%

Vinyl Numbers $5,90 $5,90 0,02%

Garmin eTrex 20 $151,23 $151,23 0,50%

Marine Bilge Pump 600 $15,48 $15,48 0,05%

Wire Hose Clamp, 5-Pack $7,99 $7,99 0,03%

Wire Hose Clamp, 5-Pack $7,03 $7,03 0,02%

Marine Bilge Pump $16,36 $16,36 0,05%

Bilge Pump 600 GPH $15,48 $15,48 0,05%

Wireless Keyboard $15,99 $15,99 0,05%

1000 GPH Bilge Pump  $20,48 $20,48 0,07%

Vhf/am/fm Splitter $32,10 $32,10 0,11%

PNY 64 GB Flash Drive  $29,99 $29,99 0,10%

2000 GPH Bilge Pump  $66,74 $66,74 0,22%

RCA x 3.5mm Y-Cable  $2,47 $2,47 0,01%

200-Watt 3-Way System $19,22 $19,22 0,06%

AWG Wire Fuse Holder $5,69 $5,69 0,02%

Extension Cord $7,75 $7,75 0,03%

100 Ft Speaker Wire $10,48 $10,48 0,03%

 25-Feet3.5mm Stereo Cable $3,99 $3,99 0,01%

Mighty Repair Kit $39,42 $39,42 0,13%

10 AmpAGC Fuses(25 Pack) $4,09 $4,09 0,01%

Hagen Laguna Y-Connector $12,34 $12,34 0,04%

Hose Clamp,(Pack of 10) $13,75 $13,75 0,05%

Laguna Y-Connector $7,00 $7,00 0,02%

Discharge Hose with Clamps $12,50 $12,50 0,04%

ENERGIZER 900 Inverter $68,12 $68,12 0,23%

ENERGIZER Remote $15,00 $15,00 0,05%

Television $160,00 $160,00 0,53%

SaltWater TackleKit $8,96 $8,96 0,03%

Carib Map App $14,99 $14,99 0,05%

HF Weather App $10,00 $10,00 0,03%


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Weather - Passage Planning

     I have reached my budget on what I'm wanting to spend on the boat. As far as extra equipment goes, we are slowing. Other than paying for it, I have to get it from Germany to Portugal, which is becoming unmanagable. We are now focusing on route planning. We have decided on two different routes and have verified the first 3/4 of the route until we get to Australia, where we can decide to go up north or cross Africa at the south end of things.

    We are choosing our leave time in December from Porto, Portugal. This will put us in the Carribbean Shortly in the new year, which gives us just a few months to get out of the way before hurricane season. We should be in or around panama before or towards the end of March at the latest.
Moving across to the Galapagos we will catch up by not spending as long in areas where say the WorldArc Would cruise around for a while. The best time being April to October to cruise the Pacific Islands we will try to be through to Australia by then.

    Our reference guides are Pilot Charts and World Cruising by Jimmy Cornell. Will update with further information.

Useful Passage Planning Links

Not to exclude what most reference as a must read for cirumnavigating and trade winds cruising is Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes .  I will pick up a copy of this as well; but you can see our plan as of today is to get across the Panama Canal by April.

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 I find myself shopping for electronics.  Which ones do I need, Which ones do I want, and Which ones are worth sacraficing a fair amount of my Kitty Towards.  As we come closer to the trip I find myself spending more towards the boat, but am wondering how much of the items I am purchasing do I actually need, and what are turning into luxuroy items.  Every Item I add on the boat adds the potential for future repairs, and for future financial responsibility.  Which of these Items are Luxury Items?

   Ofcourse this question is going to be anwsered differently by most every sailor.  While some people won't sail without GPS, AIS, RADAR, WINDVANE, and ofcourse the refridgerator.  Others only need a sail and a compass.  As I narrow the Gap between selling off my land lubber belongings and putting away much needed cash for food and supplies; I find myself down this slope of Boat Electronics that I can't Escape.

Original Purchase:

172C Garmin Chartplotter
eTrex 20 Hand Held Garmin
7200 Navman VHF
Nasa Target Depth
ST1000 Auto-Pilot Tiller

Add-on Purchases: (aprox. cost - $1600)

1600W Wind Turbine
440A Charge Controller W/ 1500W Dump Load
4x20W Solar Panels
3x600 GPH Bilge Pumps w/ Float Switch
1x1100 GPH Bilge Pump
1x1500 GPH Bilge Pump
Element Pantech w/ World Navionics Maps
SPOT + One Year Contract
23" Toshiba TV


AIS Transceiver
Navtex Receiver

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The Best Of'

The Roll of Pictures is the top 10, or so, Pictures from UK to Portugal.
Coast of Spain

Hayling Island
Hayling Island
Biscay Bay
Off Coast of Spain
Hayling Island


Bay Of Biscay
Cape Finisterre

Hayling Island
Cape Finisterre

Coast of Spain
Night Portugal

English Channel

Just a small clip from our English Channel Crossing.  Very Amateur.  Documentation Will be Improved.

Atlantic Plan

My Adventure Story

Jillion the 26' Westerly Centaur will set out from Portugal fully provisioned to not enjoy a marina for 40 days. We will load with all provisions and be on the hook, or off the grid for the entirety of this trip. This will show the storage capacity and ingenuity of the crew. Running on 2 12v batteries wired in a series, with approximately 410ah. The electrical system is charged by a 1600w wind generator and 80w of solar mono crystal power. No refrigeration. Main source of food will be eggs, legumes, and canned vegetables.


Uk To Portugal

My Adventure Story

26' Westerly Centaur on her first main Voyage with new owner. Traveling almost 850 nautical Miles from UK to Portugal.


Circumnavigation Proceeds! Donate to Help Us Proceed!

  :) The Jillion set off from the UK on the 12th of July on a mission to circumnavigate the globe. Crossing the vast and dangerous waters of the Bay of Biscay towards it's home in Porto. It will set off again in December after receiving much needed repairs!

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