Cost Update

While we have been in Puerto Rico it gives us time to re-examine the "cruiser" life and our experience.  Did we make the right decision? Is this life for us? Are we saving any money?

Well lets take a look.  Here is our updated expense report.  This is a GENERALIZED report.  It groups groceries as a complete purchase, but does not separate into juices/meats/nuts etc... We did not categorize our individual meals.  Although I can say that we, until we arrived here in San Juan, would almost always eat on the boat except for a weekly dine out.

The major numbers at the bottom under "Boat Maintenance" is our engine repair, and purchase of new dinghy inflatable and engine.  The income in January is our last pay checks, and Tax returns in may.  I currently have no phone bill, internet bill, gas bill, etc.  Although I did spend 100 dollars on sim and internet in order to take a college Exam.

This is a very rough draft of our expenses, and this is a generalized, one size fits all budget sheet.  In the future we will further customize this budget sheet to reflect our expenses more properly, but would also like it to reflect an average family budget as well, this way it could reference from your current reports to what you could expect out here on the sea.

Our best month was when we were crossing the Atlantic, where we had purchased our food, and could not go to the supermarket.  We are still adjusting from our past life where we could shop til we drop, and had renewable income.  While we are still eating the fruits of our past labor, we are continuing to make adjustments to further reach our goal and dream.

As well if you have been reading our last post, we have made further electrical upgrades to the boat which also were listed under Boat Maintenance.  This field will go into further detail in the future.  Let us know if we can improve this in order to better understand our expense report.

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