Puerto Rico To Bahamas

We have landed in the Bahamas, Originally we were destined to Mayaguana, but with the winds in a most westerly direction, and the shallows on the east of Turks and Caicos, we decided to let the wind blow us where it may.  During this time we were going to do a one night stop in Turks and Caicos and then continue north to Mayaguana.  While we were sitting in the boat during these 3 days we had more time to look at the charts and realized that Inagua was apart of the Bahamas as well and was just north of Cuba.  We made the decision, as well as to continue to follow the wind and waves, and current.  We went and continue to Inagua.
    During the trip the engine we restarted after completely disassembling the engine and gearbox in Puerto Rico.  The engine ran fine, but the gearbox is having trouble going from Forward to Nuertral still. Atleast it does move now, so that is a plus.  When we landed, a catamaran that was already anchored went out with their dinghy and stopped by, it was occupied by a young couple and they offered us a ride onto shore.  We had just arrived after a six day trip and took them up on their offer.  This way we didn't have to air our dinghy, and they knew where the customs office was, so that helped as well.
     We had one problem during the trip which was our spinaker haylard ripped out again, which put our spinakker under the boat and left a small tear in the sail.  It would of ended a lot worse for the sail, and we are realitively happy about the outcome.

Here is small type up for everyone.  Thanks for reading.

We plan to go through the bahamas for the next month, and avoid hurricanes while being in holes during the time, and spending two days traveling between holes.

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