San Juan Puerto Rico

We are now in San Juan Puerto Rico.  We arrived here after traveling up through the East Caribbean Islands and picking my parents in  USVi in order to fly them home.  We decided while we are here we would catch our breath, our bearings, update our blog, take some pictures and a much needed break after our hard charge to cross the atlantic, and then meet with the folks.

   We are luckily NOT DOING ANY ENGINE WORK!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness for that.  Finally we are at a stage again where we are improving comfort items rather then fixing items that have seized, fallen into the water, broke, ripped or otherwise are unserviceable.  So we ordered 200 Watts of new solar, a Bimini, A new alternator(I suppose this counts as broke, but its been broke for 3 months now and we haven't missed it), some solar lights to hopefully illuminate us at night, as well as outfitting 200 Amps of new batteries.  We had picked up an old norcold that come off a fishing vessel and hopefully with our new battery storage and solar panels arriving we will be able to run this non-stop.  DID I MENTION?  We also ordered a "Water-maker" off cruiser forums from a member.

  This all means when said in done, we will be able to produce our own water, have cold drinks, and produce 200 Watts of more energy into 200 amps of more batteries, with also a new 50amp charging from engine as well.  We are one step further to being "off" the grid as they say.  The fridge will be my favorite, if it will work.

San Juan is a large city, the largest we have visited since getting the boat.  It is a shame that the marina is not as nice.  There is no hot water in the showers.  Although it is cheap. We paid 55 dollars to anchor, use their dinghy dock, shower, fill our water...etc..  Although they have an address problem as the lady had given us one address to "mail" letters, and her "Street" address to receive packages. Luckily the PO box worked because I had my mail card sent, but the "Street" address was not recongnized by USPS and I had over 200 dollars in shipping charges I had to eat, because of the failure of the marina as I see it.  I suppose I should have know better then to trust a system I had yet tested, but General Delivery, I havent found out, but hope it works as we have re-ordered all the items, as the previous are returned to sender.


  We are spending the next few weeks here as we refit the boat, and decide which way we are going to turn.  Either to Panama, or North.  Either way we will working to escape the hurricanes.

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  1. Well done, and thanks for writing things up. It is appreciated and enjoyed.